10 Buzzwords You Ought to Know in 2010

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Info News
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Time to bid goodbye to bromance and FarmVille, as the year of the Tiger roars in new trends. Is your vocabulary up to speed? We list 10 words that you should know in 2010:


1. Microcelebrity

Etymology: Micro + Celebrity

Definition: Susan Boyle may have crossed over from Internet stardom to international fame last year, but we predict that in 2010 viral distribution will anoint more microcelebrities. Don’t you just find David Choi, HappySlip and those “Poker Face” and “Love Story” violin players amusing?

How to use in a sentence:Si HaPpYgUrl15 talaga, napaka microcelebrity. 10,000 hits agad.”


2. Buycotting

Etymology: Boycotting

Definition: While boycotting means actively ignoring a product or service, buycotting is actively promoting the purchase of a certain product or service. More consumers are expected to become more environmentally conscious this year, in turn, buycotting sustainably produced products.

How to use in a sentence: “Forget the Birkin, let’s buycott the cute new Rags2Riches bag!”


3. Obesogen

Pronunciation: Oh-be-so-jen

Definition: These chemical compounds affect fat deposits, increasing cells’ propensity to produce certain proteins. Simply put, obesogens can trigger the production of more fat!

How to use in a sentence: “Have you tried that new juice drink that Piolo is promoting? It supposedly fights obesogens.”


4. Mekmeks

Etymology: Man + Pekpek shorts

Definition: The guy version of the itsy-bitsy piece of fabric women wear on hot summer days predicted to soon make it into mainstream fashion.

How to use in a sentence: “Paolo’s mekmeks—hmmmm ShortFail yata…”


5. Silent Disco

Definition: A noise pollution-free, eco-friendly idea that debuted at the UK Glastonbury Festival in 2005, Team Manila experimented with it during Manila Design Week in 2009. Instead of using traditional speakers, music is transmitted over FM receivers and heard through wireless headphones. In simpler “flash mob” versions, participants bring their own mp3 player or iPod and choose their own music. The more advanced version has a DJ, or several DJ channels you can pick from. The best part? You can share your music with someone—a surefire way to meet that cute guy or girl.

How to use in a sentence: “I had a blast dancing to the Black Eyed Peas at the silent disco last night. Problem is, my date was listening to Celine Dion.”


6. Spotify

Pronunciation: Spot-ti-fie

Definition: While it’s only available in Europe right now, Spotify.com has the potential to overtake iTunes as the number-one go-to source for songs. For a certain amount, users can search and access more than 6 million tracks with virtually no buffering delay. It’s like having your own database of millions of songs. The clincher? It’s completely legal.

How to use in a sentence:Na-Spotify mo na ba ang latest songs ni Marian?”


7. Wallgasm

Etymology: Facebook Wall + Orgasm

Definition: Ever seen a Facebook wall during someone’s birthday? That barrage of messages, links and posts is called a wallgasm. There’s a lot going on at once. (Or you could also use it to refer to a particularly flirty exchange between you and your crush on your FB wall—we think that would be apt usage.)

How to use in a sentence: “Our exchange of messages was so wallgasmic.”


  1. hualda says:

    i am sooooo gonna use wallgasmic! woops i sound so gay LOL

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