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In shocking news, Ricky Martin has (finally) admitted that he is a homosexual man. On his website, the international pop stars confirms: 

“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.” 

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Just another two reasons why ASAP is awesome.

On the heels of its Philippine Range in red, blue, white and yellow released last month, Adidas comes out with its latest Philippine Range collection. This time in black and gold, and silver and white combinations, the designs feature the Philippine map on the back, with the 7,107 islands represented by over 70 Adidas footwear. In front of each item in the collection is a sun behind the word “Philippines” with three tiny stars dotting the letters “i.” The limited edition collection features jackets (P3,295), shirts (P1,495) and messenger bags (P1,495). “When you wear the Adidas Philippine Range, you wear a whole nation,” Adidas Philippines Head of Go-to-Market, Pam So-Suarez, says. Part of the training range of the Adidas sports performance line, the Philippine Range is meant for street style and active play.


I was reading past articles on, and I don’t think I have posted this one yet, so let me get to it.  It is the 10 signs that your girlfriend may be a steaming bitch. My question is, how many of these qualities are you willing to tolerate? If your girlfriend is guilty of say, 3 of them, is it time to breakup with her? Get your checklist out and I hope none of these sound familiar to you. click here to read the 10 signs your girlfriend may be a bitch.

1. She flirts with other men.
2. She embarrasses you in public.
3. She bosses you around.
4. She never pays.
5. She treats people like trash.
6. She slights you in bed.
7. She expects to be treated like a queen.
8. She’s cold hearted.
9. She criticizes everything about you.
10. She’s self centered.

I’ve been swamped with emails asking this specific question, is Grace Lee out of Good Times and Angelika (also known as Angelicopter) in as the new girl on the show? The answer is NO. As many of you know, Grace Lee had a serious skiing injury in Korea last weekend and she is still currently in the hospital. The idea of Angelika subbing in for her was made on Monday morning when “The Copter” called the program and I invited her in. So for now, she is sitting in for the GBL.

Many listeners have clamored for a more permanent role for Angelika on the show–and that we will discuss in the future. Grace isn’t going anywhere and if it is decided that Angelika would stay, it would be as an addition to Good Times and not as a replacement.

With that said, here are some photos and additional info on the Angelicopter:

Name: Angelika Schmeing-Cruz

Twitter: @a_schmeing

Height: 5’7 (no heels) Age: 26

Occupation: Head of Strategic Marketing, Land Rover Philippines.

College: University of Asia and Pacific (Political Economy/Int’l Relations)

Civil Status: Married

Why Is She Called “The Angelicopter?” Answer: She called the show a few months back saying if her husband opens the car door for her, he is getting the “helicopter” (a sex move) tonight!

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When male wrestlers do this to each other, its called the ‘Stink Face’. When it’s females, I don’t know, the ‘Tuna Asswich’, maybe?