Favorite New Clip Of The Day: 8 Year Old Kid Directs Air Traffic Control in New York City’s Busiest Airport

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Info News
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On occasion I post on my Twitter that I spend several hours a night listening to air traffic control radio traffic on LiveATC.com. Some of my favorite airports to eavesdrop on is JFK International Airport in New York City–one of the busiest airports in the United States. For an Aviation Science student like myself, listening to the banter between the commercial jets and the airport tower always gives me a rush because I can imagine how busy it is in these areas and how separation of aircraft is crucial to keep passengers alive.

That’s why I loved having found this story and I wanted to immediately share it with you all. Here’s the news piece by Yahoo!.com:

An air traffic controller at New York’s Kennedy Airport is in hot water after he allowed his young son to radio instructions to several pilots.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it has placed the controller and a supervisor on administrative leave as it investigates. FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt called the episode a “lapse in judgment.”

The agency says it has also suspended all unofficial visits to FAA air traffic facilities while it reviews its policies.

Now listen to the audio of the child here below:


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