Would You NOT Vote For Noynoy Because Of Kris?

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Info News, Star News
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This was one of the topics we discussed on air today, still regarding the Kris-Ruffa issue from Sunday. Yesterday, all parties gave their respective apologies to each other–Kris said sorry to Ruffa, and Ruffa said sorry to Noynoy for her moms harsh words about not voting for him. All parties acknowledged there were some faults on both sides and hopefully things will now prevail on a more positive note.

When I was reading an article about the Kris Aquino apology, it was stated there that if at any time Kris felt like she were a liability to the Noynoy campaign, she would take her sons abroad so it won’t have an negative impact on his run for the Presidency.

So the question we threw on-air today was this: At this point, are you NOT voting for Noynoy because you can’t stand Kris? Do you think, in her own words, she has become a liability? Noynoy seems like he’s a great guy, but does he shine enough on his own that even if his sister at times can be anNOYing, it wouldn’t hurt his chances of being our next President?

  1. Jing says:

    Of course iboboto ko pa rin si Pres.Noynoy Aquino at Mar Roxas,buong pamilya namin Yellow Blue team,Kris such a good person kahit sinasabi nilang brat never siyang naging drug addict,tama si Kris hindi siya perpekto pero mabuti siyang tao”obvious” naman di ba.go,go,go expect nyo boto namin Kris

  2. Joseph says:

    Kris will always be Kris.. sometimes, people tends to get something out of somebody just to pull down another person.

  3. saliako says:

    magmature na sana ang pinoy para sa kinabukasan ating mga anak. kung iboboto pa din si noynoy na walang ipagmamalaking nagawa (obviously showed in all of his campaign ads) pano na future ng bansa natin? parang binoto nyo na din ang el-defacto first lady nyang si kris aquino. oh no!!! bumoto naman kayo para sa ikabubuti ng marami, hindi para lamang sa iilan na makikinabang. tandaan nyo, ang ating kinabukasan ang nakasalalay di lang sa pambansang pangangailangan kundi sa pagharap natin sa karatig nating bansa. baka paglaruan lamang nila tayo pag naupo si noynoy na walang alam kundi dikta lamang ng mga nakapaligid sa kanyang puro pangsarili lamang ang hangad (trapo).

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