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Philippine football team ‘Azkals’ defeated Bangladesh ‘Bengal Tigers’ with a sweet victory 3-0 on Friday. The win has made the Philippine Team in the final 8 of the AFC Challenge Cup 2012.

According to ABS-CBN Sports, “Filipino-Spanish striker Angel Aldeguer Guirado was a revelation for the Azkals after scoring 2 goals in the second half of the game taking place at the Aung San Stadium.”

“Guirado’s first goal came early in the second half after heading in a shot from Ian Araneta. He followed this up by striking another goal in the in the 80th minute.”

The 2012 AFC Challenge Cup is the fourth edition of the tournament. The winners will qualify for the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.

Actor-comedian-host John Estrada and beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles tied the knot on February 26 at the Thunderbird Poro Point Resort in San Fernando, La Union.

The ceremony was set in the resort’s garden, which was decked out with green and violet ornaments. The view of the sea and sunset added drama to the touching and romantic ceremony that moved the couple and some of their guests to tears.

The couple’s guests included Regine Velasquez with husband Ogie Alcasid, Kris Aquino, Sam Milby, Ai-Ai delas Alas, John’s best man and best friend Richard Gomez with wife Lucy Torres-Gomez and daughter Juliana, Lorna Tolentino, Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho Jr., Ginger Conejero, and more.

The reception also took place at the resort. The theme was local and international places. Flags of different “countries were placed around the venue” and each table was marked with names of different locations.

It was John’s second wedding. He was once married to actress Janice de Belen and it was in 2006 that John and Priscilla started dating.

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Here are our version of the five hottest male bodies we have in Showbiz.

5. Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo is one of the few local actors who has maintained his smokin’-hot body for years. The 34-year-old actor is known for his rock-hard eight-pack abs that make an appearance during every Bench underwear fashion show. As Hector in the sexy ABS CBN teleserye Rubi, Diet bared his perfectly-sculpted body on the boob tube—something we know women won’t mind seeing over and over again.

He's a Bench Model eversince he started Showbiz

4. Rafael Rosell

Martha Cecilia’s Kristine star Rafael Rosell undoubtedly has one the best bodies in the industry today, and any doubts you may have will vanish one you see him topless on the cover of this month’s edition of the Men’s Health

magazine. The Norwegian-born hunk has capoeira, surfing, and gym visits to thank for that fit physique. The 28-year-old shared his diet regimen:

“Beginning of this year, I’ve decided to quit meat, like beef and pork, and now I’ve stopped [eating] chicken. I stick to fish and everything else.”

Healthy living and capoeira keep him fit

3. Piolo Pascual

Papa P’s super-hot physique is proof that hard work pays off. His beautiful body is a result of many years of workout programs custom-designed for whatever projects he has lined up. The award-winning actor, who is also one of the country’s most bankable endorsers, finds time to hit the gym, even if it means pumping iron at midnight. Apart from a strict gym schedule, this hottie practices clean living–his diet staples include protein shakes, fruits, chicken, and fish.

Piolo works hard to maintain his hunky body

2. Jake Cuenca

Showing off your bare butt (twice) to thousands of people requires guts, and Jake Cuenca has guts—and tight glutes he’s damn proud of. But that’s not all. The young actor who has been in the limelight since he was nine also has a body that men envy, and women lust after. Jake’s perfectly-sculpted body can be attributed to regular gym workouts, eating the right food, and playing football (a sport he picked up at age five). It’s no surprise that the 23-year old has already graced the cover of Men’s Health twice.

No one complained when he showed off his butt.

1. Sam Milby

The showbiz heartthrob has become a showbiz hot body, and he’s definitely got more to show than that cute smile. That yummy body that we’ve been seeing the past couple of years, in Folded and Hung ads and magazine features (he was last year’s top centerfold for Cosmopolitan magazine), is the product of religious gym visits and a diet that helps him maintain his well-toned figure. Of course, his year-round tan adds to his X factor, too. This pretty boy has finally graduated into a hotter and sexier Sam—not bad for a self-confessed shy guy.

Pretty boy turned sexy hottie.


Sucker Punch's writer-director Zack Snyder described this flashy adventure flick as "Alice in Wonderland but with machine guns"

Sucker Punch isn’t your typical action movie, it’s a lot better. With its breathtaking visuals, kick-ass females and intriguing story, Sucker Punch has officially begun the Philippine summer movie season with a colossal bang. Reportedly described by its writer-director Zack Snyder as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns,” Sucker Punch is a trippy, dreamy adventure that packs a surprisingly powerful punch (pun intended).

Babydoll (Emily Browning) is brought to the Lennox Asylum by her wicked stepfather, where she will be lobotomized after five days. Determined to escape, she  convinces four other young girls in the facility–Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens),  Amber (Jamie Chung) and Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish)–to help her escape from the asylum and its evil administrators Blue (Oscar Isaac), Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino), and the High Roller (Jon Hamm). Like other individuals who find themselves in a dire predicament, Babydoll copes by daydreaming. During one of her flights of fancy, she’s told by a Wise Man (Scott Glenn) that she needs five objects to help her get out of the asylum. With time running out, Babydoll and the four other girls plan their escape, the success of which will require sexy dancing and trips to five dreamscapes to confront  ghost Germans, fierce dragons, and persistent robots.

Sucker Punch begins its mind games immediately.  It starts, Moulin Rouge-style, with the parting of a red curtain which reveals Babydoll in her bedroom in the middle of a spacious stage, looking like she’s the star of a musical. We then hear a new version of the 80s Eurythmics song, “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” on the soundtrack, then see the series of unfortunate events which result in her being brought to an asylum. What makes this spellbinding, pre-title sequence even more amazing is the fact that it’s filmed entirely in slow-motion. As Babydoll is driven from her home to a house for the insane, the film’s title is brilliantly revealed on the rain-splashed window of the 1960s car that’s transporting her to her new nightmare.

Stunning as the beginning is, the movie gets even better as its 109 minutes tick quickly away, plunging us into Babydoll’s imagination as it echoes the idea popularized by   Inception that dreams exist within dreams. Though the actresses who play Babydoll and her other female friends provide plenty of eye candy, the real stars of Sucker Punch are the five adventure set pieces which the female friends must try to survive in their quest for the five objects.

The first realm in Babydoll’s mind is a snow-swept Japanese temple where she’s attacked by three giant samurai warriors after she meets the Wise Man played by Scott Glenn. Kinetically choreographed and wonderfully, almost poetically visualized, the sequence evokes the climax of The Last Airbender, and had me wishing that Snyder had directed that film too instead of M. Night Shyamalan.

The next action set piece that takes place in Babydoll’s head is where the movie reveals that Sucker Punch isn’t set in the 1960s as the production design had indicated, but in contemporary times. What appears to be a World War I trench defended by German soldiers and their disfigured leader (shades of Captain America’s nemesis, Red Skull) later involves weapons that the marines in James Cameron’s Avatar might have used, including a giant mecha suit and handheld bombs with lots of colorful and bright lights. They’re objects that Babydoll may have seen in movies, tv shows, or video games which were stored in her mind.

The third set piece, which involves a World War II bomber attacking a medieval castle that’s home to two dragons, is my favorite among the five. With a splendidly gloomy castle that looks like Saruman’s stronghold from the Lord of the Rings movies, and a dragon as scary as the one in Robert Zemeckis’ inspired but underappreciated Beowulf, this part was a pure joy to behold. Though it recalls details from the opuses of Peter Jackson and Zemeckis, Snyder made the sequence his own by filming the high-flying action against the tobacco/orange skies that he used to unforgettable effect in 300. That’s one of the many cool things about Sucker Punch– though its surreal action scenes   have elements that echo great movies (another scene involving a train seems inspired by the climax of Batman Begins), it’ll never cross your mind to accuse Snyder of plagiarism, since all the shots have other eccentric details and amazing camera angles that are the product of his unique visual style and no other filmmaker’s.

It must be said though, that Snyder doesn’t always show everything. Considering his first mainstream Hollywood success was the R-rated Day of the Dead, he shows admirable restraint in the scenes where something violent happens in Babydoll’s real world, preferring to let sound effects rather than gruesome sights (e.g. people getting sliced or shot at) to let us know what’s happened. I also thought it was a brilliant touch for him to leave one important element of the story to the viewer’s imagination: the much admired, but never seen action that Babydoll does to transport herself to her dazzling fantasy world.

With all this eye-candy to dish out, it was perhaps inevitable that some character development would be sacrificed. As a Filipino moviegoer, I certainly would have wanted to see Vanessa Hudgens in more hard-hitting action sequences than she was given. Hudgens aside though, what’s important is that Snyder gave his two most central characters, Babydoll and Sweet Pea, enough humanity to make us care about what happens to them. If he hadn’t, the flawlessly rendered visual effects would have all been for nothing, and Sucker Punch would have just been another forgettable, bloated spectacle like Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen or Snyder’s own Watchmen.

Sucker Punch is the first movie I’ve seen this year that I’m looking forward to watching on the big screen again. It’s also the reason why I no longer dread the words Superman: The Man of Steel… A Film by Zack Snyder, and why December 2012, the still subject-to-change playdate for his Superman reboot, suddenly seems so far away.

Rating: 4/5 – Perfect for a late afternoon treat!

Photos from the Sucker Punch Facebook page

Megia singing "Heatwave"

After performing Martha & the Vandellas’ hit “Heatwave” yesterday, Fil-Am Thia Megia again survived the elimination round of American Idol Top 11 results night on Thursday.

According to the idol judges – Jennifer Lopez, “I feel like we’re scratching the surface great to see you let loose. You need to dig even deeper each week. Part of performing is acting. Connect to your lyrics.”

Randy Jackson, “It’s about taking chances. You took a chance tonight. You can take more chances, but you can really sing.” While Steven Tyler said he just love Thia’s performance.

Though hearing these lovable and uplifting comments, Thia was at the bottom three and joined by the two men of the idols Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams.

Casey got the least votes, but the judges saved him, while Langone and Thia Megia were both safe in this round of American Idol 10 Top 11 results night.

We’re about to find out who will be sent home tonight on American Idol 2011 and who will be moving to this season’s top 10 and earn a coveted spot on the American Idol Live Tour next week!

Ultra Shocking Update #1:  Hulk Hogan personally delivered good news to Paul and James! Hulk comes out on stage, let the guys know their safe, and then slams Seacrest into the audience.

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Bottom Three:

  • #1 – Thia Megia – Ryan reveals she is safe!
  • #2 – Stefano Langone – Ryan reveals he is safe!
  • #3 – Casey Abrams

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Casey Abrams Wait! The Judges’ Save is used and Casey is safe!

Ultra Shocking Update #2: All 11 of the contestants will go on tour! But Two (2) idol hopefuls will be eliminated next week, so to avoid a 9-person tour team, they’ll just increase the count to 11 singers.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!

The Flower Farm in Holland!

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Nice and beautiful photos of Flower Farms from Holland.