Perfect Visual Effects in “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles”!

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Info News
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In this new sci-fi action-thriller “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” of Columbia Pictures’, the City of Angels is destroyed by unknown, alien forces… and by Everett Burrell, a visual effects supervisor.

Scenes from the Movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles"

“Once [director] Jonathan Liebesman had chosen the shots he liked, we could add smoke, fire, and city destruction,” Burrell explains.

Burrell even flew in a helicopter between San Diego and Los Angeles, to take some digital photos of the southland – wide shots to make it background plates for the film for Burrell to use as a tool.

“It’s always difficult to get the design down because there are endless possibilities,” says Burrell.

However, making the destructions was just the start – Burrell and his team were also responsible for creating the “destroyers”. Liebesman works with a team of artists to create the aliens and bring his vision to life.

“While I had a very clear idea of what I wanted for the look of the aliens, the collaboration between concept artists and our post-production team ensured the aliens became far more complex and fascinating creatures than I could have ever imagined,” says the director.

Scenes from the Movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles"

“We went through a lot of different concepts with Jonathan to get the alien right – to get what he envisioned. This is mainly due to the fact that it was such a different type of thing we were going for. We wanted ours to be very different, like nothing anyone’s ever seen before. CGI allowed us to tinker with the look all through production, until he was completely satisfied.”

Scenes from the Movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles"

CGI can make a lot of things, but sometimes, an effect is best achieved with just a physical prop. This was true for the alien autopsy sequence, in which the Marines see up close what the aliens are made of and how they can stop them.

“I come from creature effects, makeup effects; our full-scale alien really is the best way to get the effect when it has to interact with the actors closely. The autopsy alien is about eight feet tall, with a 20-foot-long tentacle coming out of its leg.”

For the aliens’ aircraft, the design began with a happy accident.

Jonathan was playing around with the visual effects and, by mistake, there was a large ship with a separate piece broken off, They’ll destroy the world in thirty minutes or less or your money back” Burrell explains.

Scenes from the Movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles"

Opening on the entire Philippines on March 16, “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

  1. Marc says:

    imma watch this! the visual effects are very promising!!!

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