Things To Consider Before Getting An Acer Ferrari Phone

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Info News, Techie Yummy!
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Acer Ferrari Liquid E Sepecial Edition

Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition phone is Acer’s flagship model. You can easily distinguish this Android smartphone for its striking Ferrari red coating and the famous Ferrari logo on the back.

It’s been in the market for quite some time now and if you’re interested in getting one, here are those few things you should consider:

1. ANDROID 2.1 VERSION. It is loaded with Android 2.1 version. That’s really okay but Android 2.2 offers more features that the phone can really use, like mobile hotspot and Flash 10.1 content support. You can upgrade it by yourself though by downloading the Android 2.2 ROM on Acer’s website.

2. NO DivX SUPPORT. Are you into watching your downloaded videos in your phone? Well, you better convert it first since this phone doesn’t have support for DivX/XviD videos. You may  download a free DivX player application from the market, but playback is not that good. This phone has an elegant display by the way.

3. MEDIOCRE CAMERA. Its 5 megapixel autofocus camera is awesome, but it has no flash for those low light shooting.

4. SLOW PROCESSOR. Originally it has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor but Acer decided to underclock it for an unknown reason bringing it down to 768MHz only. Some people have successfully unlocked the speed though.

5. ELEGANT LOOKING PHONE. This phone looks good-literally, especially its accessories. The red coating, the Ferrari logo and the curvy design will make people notice it when you whip it out. It comes with a well-made red hard pouch also and a shiny red Bluetooth headset. You’ll get an 8GB microSD too!

The Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition phone costs PhP29,990 which is PhP7,000 more than the standard version of the Liquid E. Pricey? or you still want to buy the brand?


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