Pinay Wins National Geographic Photo Competition Grand Prize

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Info News
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Proud Pinay, Yen Baet

Filipina photographer Yen Baet’s ‘Rainy Night in Hallstatt’ wins the National Geographic Photo Contest Grand Prize by popular votes online.

The winner was chosen through public voting and with U.S. citizens only allowed to vote.

Baet was the only Filipino who made it to the finals, and is very proud to represent the country. The photo also happens to be her very first entry to any photo contest.

For her victory, Yen won a nine-day National Geographic Expedition to Peru for two with an approximate value of $13,000.

National Geographic has a worldwide circulation, translated into 33 different languages and has over 50 million subscribers. It is indeed another achievement for the Filipino people not only in America but also in the Philippines and in other parts of the world.

“I submitted the photo on the day of the deadline not thinking much of it and was surprised to get an email from National Geographic congratulating me for being one of only 6 finalists!”, Baet said.

Yen Baet’s Winning Piece, Rainy Night in Hallstatt

“I took the photo 2 years ago during a rainy and cold autumn day in Hallstatt, Austria. I already had a vision of that scene in my mind. I was only waiting for the rain to let up, so I can take my shot. Taking shelter from an empty church nearby, I sat and waited for an hour, listening painfully as the rain only got stronger by the minute,” Yen describes the photo.

She further adds, “When twilight came, I walked to the door and found the streets of a usually tourist-infested Hallstatt to be empty. Braving the pouring rain under a small umbrella only protecting my camera, I trudged up the hill to where I would take my shot – and there it was, the church sitting quietly on the still lake, grazed by wisps of low-lying clouds, and embraced in soft mystical light. It looked like a dream.”

  1. Ms. Banker says:

    nice! saw her works of art over facebook and they are all great.. congrats yen!

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