Top 5 Hottest Male Bodies in Showbiz

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Star News
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Here are our version of the five hottest male bodies we have in Showbiz.

5. Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo is one of the few local actors who has maintained his smokin’-hot body for years. The 34-year-old actor is known for his rock-hard eight-pack abs that make an appearance during every Bench underwear fashion show. As Hector in the sexy ABS CBN teleserye Rubi, Diet bared his perfectly-sculpted body on the boob tube—something we know women won’t mind seeing over and over again.

He's a Bench Model eversince he started Showbiz

4. Rafael Rosell

Martha Cecilia’s Kristine star Rafael Rosell undoubtedly has one the best bodies in the industry today, and any doubts you may have will vanish one you see him topless on the cover of this month’s edition of the Men’s Health

magazine. The Norwegian-born hunk has capoeira, surfing, and gym visits to thank for that fit physique. The 28-year-old shared his diet regimen:

“Beginning of this year, I’ve decided to quit meat, like beef and pork, and now I’ve stopped [eating] chicken. I stick to fish and everything else.”

Healthy living and capoeira keep him fit

3. Piolo Pascual

Papa P’s super-hot physique is proof that hard work pays off. His beautiful body is a result of many years of workout programs custom-designed for whatever projects he has lined up. The award-winning actor, who is also one of the country’s most bankable endorsers, finds time to hit the gym, even if it means pumping iron at midnight. Apart from a strict gym schedule, this hottie practices clean living–his diet staples include protein shakes, fruits, chicken, and fish.

Piolo works hard to maintain his hunky body

2. Jake Cuenca

Showing off your bare butt (twice) to thousands of people requires guts, and Jake Cuenca has guts—and tight glutes he’s damn proud of. But that’s not all. The young actor who has been in the limelight since he was nine also has a body that men envy, and women lust after. Jake’s perfectly-sculpted body can be attributed to regular gym workouts, eating the right food, and playing football (a sport he picked up at age five). It’s no surprise that the 23-year old has already graced the cover of Men’s Health twice.

No one complained when he showed off his butt.

1. Sam Milby

The showbiz heartthrob has become a showbiz hot body, and he’s definitely got more to show than that cute smile. That yummy body that we’ve been seeing the past couple of years, in Folded and Hung ads and magazine features (he was last year’s top centerfold for Cosmopolitan magazine), is the product of religious gym visits and a diet that helps him maintain his well-toned figure. Of course, his year-round tan adds to his X factor, too. This pretty boy has finally graduated into a hotter and sexier Sam—not bad for a self-confessed shy guy.

Pretty boy turned sexy hottie.

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