The Flower Farm in Holland!

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Info News
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Nice and beautiful photos of Flower Farms from Holland.


Proud Pinay, Yen Baet

Filipina photographer Yen Baet’s ‘Rainy Night in Hallstatt’ wins the National Geographic Photo Contest Grand Prize by popular votes online.

The winner was chosen through public voting and with U.S. citizens only allowed to vote.

Baet was the only Filipino who made it to the finals, and is very proud to represent the country. The photo also happens to be her very first entry to any photo contest.

For her victory, Yen won a nine-day National Geographic Expedition to Peru for two with an approximate value of $13,000.

National Geographic has a worldwide circulation, translated into 33 different languages and has over 50 million subscribers. It is indeed another achievement for the Filipino people not only in America but also in the Philippines and in other parts of the world.

“I submitted the photo on the day of the deadline not thinking much of it and was surprised to get an email from National Geographic congratulating me for being one of only 6 finalists!”, Baet said.

Yen Baet’s Winning Piece, Rainy Night in Hallstatt

“I took the photo 2 years ago during a rainy and cold autumn day in Hallstatt, Austria. I already had a vision of that scene in my mind. I was only waiting for the rain to let up, so I can take my shot. Taking shelter from an empty church nearby, I sat and waited for an hour, listening painfully as the rain only got stronger by the minute,” Yen describes the photo.

She further adds, “When twilight came, I walked to the door and found the streets of a usually tourist-infested Hallstatt to be empty. Braving the pouring rain under a small umbrella only protecting my camera, I trudged up the hill to where I would take my shot – and there it was, the church sitting quietly on the still lake, grazed by wisps of low-lying clouds, and embraced in soft mystical light. It looked like a dream.”

Sky Broadband is set to launch a new offering for their internet service — a special broadband plan of (up to) 5Mbps at only Php999 a month with a 15GB cap.

Now that looks like a very attractive offer if you’re not really a heavy user and don’t spend a lot of time surfing at home..

Telco insiders are saying that around 80% of broadband users don’t really consume more than 15GB of traffic a month, then this alternative plan is for them.

If you think you use more than this amount of bandwidth, then you can still stick to the un-capped bandwidth plan at 1Mbps for PhP999.00/month as well.

Last week, it was diva Ashton Jones that was sent home and it was down to 12.                                             Just like since Season 4, the kids will be performing a song from the year they were born.

Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart were at the bottom three last week so let’s see how they fare this time around.

1. Naima Adedapo sang What’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner

Hmmm, I just can’t dig this girl not sure why. She’s still pitchy and if you’re just listening to her sing, you would think that she’s only at a karaoke bar. Steven told her something about a sorcerer. Jennifer says that her being consistently pitchy is hurting her. Randy says the vocals were a mess. Uh-oh.

2. Paul McDonald sang I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues by Elton John

You gotta see him perform. It’s like the drunken master style in singing. Hahaha. Still cool though and it got J-Lo singing. Steven said he’s a cool dude in a loose mood. J-Lo think it was good saying he has soul and star quality. Randy’s hearing some pitchy notes wanting him to get the notes right.

3. Thia Megia sang Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams

Wow! I could listen to this song all day. Such a smooth and soothing voice but she still has to do some work on her stage presence though. Steven says she sang  it beautifully. J-Lo loves the tone and quality of her voice. Randy says it was ok but it’s getting boring. He wants Thia to turn it up by switching from ballads.

4. James Dublin sang I’ll Be There For You by Jon Bon Jovi

The rocker sings Bon Jovi and it sounded out of tune but boy does he have stage presence or what? Steven was impressed and wants to perform with him in the finals. J-Lo likes it saying his performance brought her joy. Randy said it was tastefully done. Gee, were they caught up with his stage presence that they didn’t hear him sing at all?

5. Haley Reinhart sang I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston

There were some nice moments but the arrangement didn’t work for me. I like her voice here. Steven said her voice was so distinct but wants to hear more blues. Randy was confused with the song choices tonight. He thought her vocal was just ok.

6. Stefano Langone sang If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Simply Red

Very 90’s boy band but it was really good. Steven said it was over the top beautiful. J-Lo said it was the perfect song for him and Randy said it was the best performance of the night so far. Well done Stefano!

7. Pia Toscano sang Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston

Didn’t like the jumpsuit but love the disco arrangement. It got the judges swaying their head to the beat. Hahaha. She needs to move some more doing the song that way. J-Lo was glad to hear her do something uptempo saying it was perfect for her. Randy said she’s in the competition to win it.

8. Scotty McCreery sang Can I Trust You With My Heart by Travis Tritt

Man I just can’t get enough of this dude’s voice but the judges didn’t like him a lot this time. Steven said he has to keep knowing himself and he would go places. J-Lo said he pushed it out there a little bit more.

9. Karen Rodriguez sang Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dane

Like the outfit but not the hair and those hoops on her ear. Vocals were okay, nothing special. Doing the Spanish on the last part was a nice touch. Steven loves the Spanish touch. J-Lo said not to expose her weaknesses and play to her strength. Randy said it was better than last week.

10. Casey Abrams sang Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Risky. Not feeling so Kurt out there but you got to give him props for performing with his electric bass. Stop being angry Casey. Steven said he’s so crazy and talented. J-Lo thinks he’s sexy and Randy loves him for taking risks. He’s fearless.

11. Lauren Alaina sang I’m The Only One by Melissa Etheridge

She was singing with the flu but didn’t sound like it. It was nice and sweet with a country feel to it. Steven said she’s a shining star. J-Lo said she took it and made it her own which was nice. Randy said it was very nice and wants her to have a cold every week. Hehehe.

12. Jacob Lusk sang Alone by Heart

Closing the show is Jacob bringing a “Lusky stank” on Heart’s Alone. Sounds interesting but I’m not digging it. Too much shouting. Would love to hear the studio version though. Steven was impressed saying his momma gave him the moxy. Jennifer thought it was amazing. Randy said it was a very, very nice performance.


Whose performance do I love tonight? Hmm, honestly nobody stood out except for Stefano. Pia and Thia too maybe but not a lot. I’m disappointed with Casey, I thought he would rock Nirvana but he just screamed through it. I think he’s still safe though.

For my bottom three this week, it would have to be Lauren, Karen and Naima. I also wouldn’t be surprised if James Durbin will also be in the bottom three. I think Naima has to go. A lot of people likes her weirdness but she just showed that she can’t compete with the others with the way she sang  the past couple of weeks.

How about you? Who do you think will be going home tomorrow?

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From 2010’s best-selling Play Station2 and Play Station 3 RPG Game, here’s the awesome and cool God of War wallpapers for your PCs! Go grab one!

Just let me know which one you like so I can send the original-sized file to you.