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Lots of new books on the shelves but only Five (5) interesting creations caught my attention;

1. The Lost Symbol (by Dan Brown)

This book is about the Protagonist Robert Langdon who’s back in a compelling thriller that will have the Harvard-educated symbologist following a trail of mysterious clues involving a ciphered pictogram in an important talisman know as the Hebrew Key of Solomon.

I want this book because… Brown kept us riveted with his past novels, Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code, and that I’m excited to play detective along with the professor to solve a new thought-provoking puzzle. The novel, with an initial print run of 5 to 6.5 million copies, is the largest first printing for Random House, and a pretty strong indication that The Lost Symbol is expected to be as entertaining as the previous books.

2. Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds (by Neil Gaiman By Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden, and Stephen R. Bissette)

For the first time, Neil Gaiman and the many worlds he has created are being revealed to readers in Prince of Stories. His stories and characters are featured in detail, allowing fans to discover hidden layers in favorite Gaiman works.

I want this book because… as known for his dark and imaginative storytelling, Neil Gaiman entranced us again and again with his novels, short stories, graphic novels and screenplays. Now we have the chance to read the stories behind the stories. Filled with interviews and previously unpublished writings and photos, it’s a must-buy for Gaiman fans

3. Have a Little Faith (by Mitch Albom)

In this true story, Albom shares his experiences with two men of faith: a dying 82-year-old rabbi who asks him to deliver his eulogy and a pastor who preaches to an impoverished congregation. As the two leaders struggle, Albom learns to rekindle his own faith and discovers the striking similarities between the two beliefs beneath their obvious differences.

I want this book because… Mitch Albom’s first non-fiction novel, Tuesdays with Morrie, tugged at our heartstrings and we’re waiting to see if Have A Little Faith, another story of a journey with a dying man, is one more memoir that will have us reaching for the tissue box.

4. What the Dog Saw And Other Adventures (by Malcolm Gladwell)

Malcolm Gladwell is one of the most sought-after journalists in America, and What the Dog Saw is a compilation of his best and most compelling pieces from The New Yorker. Tackling all subjects, from the crucial (homelessness) to the mundane (hair dye), Gladwell writes in a way that can show his readers new and extraordinary ways of looking at the world.

I want this book because… it makes me so wonder why are there so many different kinds of mustard, but only one kind of ketchup? Why is homelessness easier to solve than manage? There is no question too absurd to explore in Gladwell’s anthology, and we’re eager to see where the search for answers will lead us.

5. The Time, The Place: 365 Days of Awesome Travel Experiences Around the World

The ultimate guide to your next travel escape, it’s much more than just a list of events and festivals. From culture hubs to sporting events, to certified party places and food fairs, this book shows you how to see the sights and go beyond the touristy spots.

  Because we can never have enough inspiring ideas or vacation options to make our travel fantasies real, and this book sounds like a fun guide to help us step out of our comfort zones.