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Since last month, I was able to launch successfully my new blogsite – . This site will focus more on travelling and some personal things about myself.

Initially, posts from my Singapore and Macau travels are in there. I also have a couple of authors but their articles are yet to be posted.

Given this chance, i may not be able to update the broken piggy bank site regularly as I will be focusing more on the gimik book, if you have time, please do visit my new site and I will be thankful if you do that.

Thanks for patronizing the broken piggy bank, and thanks (in advance) for visiting the gimik book.

Take care!

Excited For Macau Weekend!

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Info News
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Thirteen (13) more days to go and I’m all up for my Macau Weekend!!! Yipee!! It will be another adventure for me and my friends ‘coz, as per write-ups, people in Macau neither speak nor understand English, well some of them maybe and those are the Businessmen, Tourists, etc. And yes, I also read an article about pick-pockets in Macau! Hmmmm..

Now tell me, isn’t that exciting?! 🙂