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We’re about to find out who will be sent home tonight on American Idol 2011 and who will be moving to this season’s top 10 and earn a coveted spot on the American Idol Live Tour next week!

Ultra Shocking Update #1:  Hulk Hogan personally delivered good news to Paul and James! Hulk comes out on stage, let the guys know their safe, and then slams Seacrest into the audience.

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Bottom Three:

  • #1 – Thia Megia – Ryan reveals she is safe!
  • #2 – Stefano Langone – Ryan reveals he is safe!
  • #3 – Casey Abrams

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Casey Abrams Wait! The Judges’ Save is used and Casey is safe!

Ultra Shocking Update #2: All 11 of the contestants will go on tour! But Two (2) idol hopefuls will be eliminated next week, so to avoid a 9-person tour team, they’ll just increase the count to 11 singers.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!

Ashton has the “confidence of a queen” Steven Tyler said, who knew that it was the last compliment that Ashton will receive as she’s the first to get the boot on Idol?

Ashton Jones

The song “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” by Diana Ross was Jones’s piece yesterday during the Top 13 performance night and she received OK comments from the judges. But in today’s results show, she’s the first one from the Top 13 to be voted out. Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart joined her in the bottom three.

Although they bring back the “judges save” rule this season, Jennifer, Steven and Randy did not used it to save Ashton.

Meanwhile, our very own Thia Megia is safe! In case you missed it, here is the video of Thia Megia’s performance yesterday on American Idol: